Texas Flats Campground Review (Yosemite National Park Area, CA)

Texas Flats Campground Summer 2011

Texas Flats Campground, about 45-60 minutes from the gates of Yosemite National Park in California was one of the more secluded campgrounds I’ve ever found. It takes about 6.5 hours from San Diego, maybe a little more but it’s close to that, and well worth the drive.

If you’re going I’d try to plan for a little longer trip than just the weekend but even a weekend is worth the drive. Coming to the campground you drive for a while off the main roads, take some gravel roads for quite a while and see some amazing landscapes. Mountain streams, grazing cows in flat meadows, dense wooded areas with the sunlight shining through like rays from heaven, it’s a place where I feel very much cut off from the city life I’m so accustomed to.

The campground itself is only maybe 20 spots, could be less, it’s set up for large groups and can accomodate anywhere from 20-40 people per site. The spot we had was so far from the next closest group that when they were up until wee hours of the morning we couldn’t even hear them through our tent walls. Each spot has a large table that’s been made from fallen trees, a grill and a fire pit. Our spot, and I believe every spot, was right on a stream with close access to restrooms. Our camp site had to be close to the size of a football field and the local live on rangers are the best.

We met a ranger the previous year when staying at a campground called Soquel which is just down the road, and the experience was something we still talk about on trips. The ranger came by early in the day and offered to grab things from a local store that one of our friends had forgotten, then later that afternoon brought it back with tons of firewood to boot. Now this past year when we ended up at Texas Flats we see this same ranger, she brought us down this blueberry cobbler and sat around the campfire telling stories most of the night. Something random that just made these trips a constantly talked about and memorable experience for everyone.

If you’re going to Yosemite, want to go to Yosemite or a regular in the area, check out Texas Flats. There are 2 other campgrounds in the same area, Soquel Campground and Greys Mountain, and both are worth the trip but Texas Flats was the best out of the 3. This has turned in to an annual car camp trip and lets us drag our non-backpacker friends along for some good camping and hiking fun.

If you find this and are considering one of these sites, do it, you’ll love it. Happy Trails!

9 thoughts on “Texas Flats Campground Review (Yosemite National Park Area, CA)

  1. We are going to camp in Texas Flats this summer. Thanks for sharing details of your experience. We are really looking forward to our stay there.

  2. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for the comment, I’m happy the post was helpful in some way. Be sure to say hi to Harold and Sherry (the campground hosts) while you’re there, they’re very nice and fun hosts.

    Enjoy your trip and let us know how it went when you get back.


  3. Thank you for posting! We are camping at Red and White Fir group this July 4th and would like to know if there’s plenty of shades in these sites. I can;t seem to find any pictures except one posted here. Would love to see more pictures if you have any. We are a church group and I want to make sure that everyone will enjoy the place. Best, Dolores

  4. Hi Dolores,
    There’s plenty of shade at Texas Flats Campground! The campground is just southwest of Yosemite’s gate and is tucked back in the mountains right next to a stream. This is one of the campgrounds in the area that can accommodate large groups so you’re looking in the right place.
    Hope you enjoy your trip!

    • Thank you Anthony! Just a couple more questions. I have confirmed no more than 40 people in our group and would like to know if we will be able to stay in one campsite. I booked two because the reservation site said up to 25 per group site. If you say that the campsites are far from each other then I don’t think it is conducive for us to stay in 2 sites. Hope they are not strict with the number of people per site. And if we stay in one site, which one would you recommend: Red or White Fir campground?
      Last but not least, can we swim in the creek? Thank you for your reply.

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