Winter Camping Gear

Living in San Diego County makes camping a year-round activity because of our warm climate and great conditions.  Winter time can get a bit chilly in our deserts and mountains, but nothing compared to most wilderness areas across the states.  Don’t let the colder temperatures keep you from your adventures in the winter time!  Here are a few items to keep you warmer on your trips:

Layering.  Bringing layers is key to keeping you warm on those cold nights around the campfire and in your tent.  Wool and synthetics are great options because they retain heat and help you stay comfortable.  Thermals are also a great idea for insulation to build your layers with.  A nice down jacket is your best option to go on top of your layers and it is also light and compactable if you’re backpacking.

Your extremities are going to be your biggest priority which are your hands, feet, and head.  There are tons of choices in gloves these days such as synthetics, cloth, and leather.  Make sure to pick a glove that fits your needs and is not too bulky so you can still perform your needed tasks.  Wool socks are your best option to keep you warm and dry.  25% of your body heat escapes through your head so make sure to wear a nice beanie or maybe even something that covers your face as well.

Some of the latest technology for heat retaining gear is the omni-tech products and material.  The omni-heat material contains a reflective inside layer of silver dots that reflects your body heat back to you, retaining your own body heat.  The outside layer is waterproof and the inside is very breathable which keeps you dry on the inside as well.  This is great for keeping warm in cold conditions, staying dry, and even staying cool in warmer conditions.

Winter Camping Gear

Outside of omni-heat jacket

Winter Camping Gear

Inside of omni-heat jacket

Lastly, make sure to keep yourself warm during bedtime by sleeping on a pad which will provide insulation from the cold ground.  Using liners in your sleeping bag will also increase temperature and keep you warm.

We all know that this time of year gets very cold (even here in Southern California) but don’t let that keep you from getting out of the city.  Use these tips on keeping warm and enjoy yourself this winter!

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